The Winners 2017


This year, the Globes de cristal will reward the arts and culture at their 12th ceremony on the 12th of February 2018.


About the Globes de Cristal Awards

A true reflection of France’s cultural and artistic diversity

Created in 2006, the Globes de Cristal Awards set the tone by being the first ceremony of the year and the only one in which voters are not professionals from the field but specialized journalists.

Each year, the Globes de Cristal Awards Ceremony opens the awards season in the major artistic and cultural disciplines. A jury of around twenty specialized journalists compiles a list of five works or artists for fourteen categories. This list is then sent for final voting to 15000 journalists from the press and the media, at national, regional and local levels.

In just ten years, this award has become a major event of the French cultural scene. The prestigious setting of the Lido de Paris plays an important part in making this ceremony a unique moment, filled with emotions and discoveries. Each year, this event elegantly and brilliantly welcomes the nominees as well as numerous leading figures of the artistic, political and media worlds, who have come to attend these multicultural awards. Given the number of voters and especially their geographic disparity, this ceremony is a true reflection of the cultural and artistic diversity of our country.

What was missing was a special time during which all […]